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The new VW Amarok Aventura pick-up … with big power

After it’s initial introduction into the market the Volkswagen Amarok has finally had a few tweeks for 2016, and they are very much for the better.

2016 Amorak

The Aventura Pick Up has some tasty upgrades including a new engine that will leave all those in its class standing. The new 3 litre turbo V6 diesel engine has an impressive 221 horsepower and 405 lbs-ft of torque powering either the rear wheels or all four. An eight-speed automatic gearbox will help reduce revs whilst maximising torque and give a ‘suggested’ fuel consumption of 62 miles to 7.6 litres.
Hmm … if only we could trust such statements after their recent emission debacle but then you’re not really buying this as a London town run around despite the exterior and interior remodelling to producer a softer feel vehicle.


Oh no, Volkswagen didn’t stop at the most powerful engine on the market in their bid for the best selling utility truck they have also added some style to the exterior look with sportier lines, rear styling sports bars, 20 inch alloys, bi-xenon headlamps, a coated load-bed for protection and an upgraded award winning ‘Automatic Post Collision’ brake system. With a payload of over one tonne and the capacity to carry a Euro-pallet the Amarok is certainly ticking the boxes.


Inside seats have been upgraded for maximum comfort with the rear seats elevated slightly to give a cinema feel aided by the 6 inch LCD screen in the centre console. All mod cons are present, parking cameras, electric windows and mirrors, air-con, cruise control, Wi-Fi connectivity all the things you’d expect to see in a modern high-end car.
The Amarok is due to be released in Europe this September.




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