g500 4x4

The new Mercedes Geländewagen … G500 muscle truck

After the 6×6 monster G truck released by Mercedes a few years back, most people thought that was about as far as the design boundaries could go with a one-vehicle platform to be developed. But those guys from the three pointed star firm have shown us to be wrong again.
Although we are not too surprised by the recent unveiling, as hulkseveral spy shots of the “big green hulk” have been circulating on the internet for the past few months, with talk of a stumpy “G” on steroids about to break cover.
With the timing perfect for the talking to start, just prior to the Geneva motor show, we can say it’s a safe bet that Geneva will be its official release to the world markets.
So what do we know? Well the G500 has been put together to g500 g-wagengain those potential customers who liked the huge G63 AMG 6×6 but just could not see the point of the size, extra axle and of course the cost. The G500 keeps the high lift, higher arches and big wheel size fitting somewhere between the standard G Wagen and the 6×6 truck. Engines are yet to be announced but from the name it has to be the 382 hp V8 5.5 ltr that is going to be a starting point.
Prices are to be announced next week, which again fits nicely prior to the Geneva Show.



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