The new Hilux … 2016

Australia and Thailand had a joint reveal of the new Toyota Hilux last week the eighth generation of the utility truck.
Launching in October this is “tougher then ever” but more re-fined from the last 2005 model. The vehicle is stronger, capable of over one ton of cargo with high-strength steel, thicker chassis rails and reinforced tub. Farmers and militants will be overjoyed but Toyota wishes to expand from it current fan base. A strive to move into the family market has meant some major overhauls to the rear leaf springs to reduce vibration, cab interior is roomier, seven airbags and up graded sound insulation to reduced noise. Gadgetry is befitting to any family carriage with touch screen and reversing cameras as standard.


 hiluxgrill  2016-Toyota-Hilux-Interior  2016-Toyota-Hilux-front-view


There are thirty-one model configurations planned for 2016. Four engine choices, two petrol a 2.4ltr or 4ltr and two diesel a 2.4ltr or 2.8ltr with a competitive 295lbs of torque. Gears will be 6-speed manual or automatic and improvements have been made to increase the Payload to 1240kg and Towing Capacity to 3500kg (braked).
Unfortunately there are no planned release dates yet for Europe, instead the Hilux Invincible X introduced to the UK in February will be introduced into mainland Europe this July.


We’ll patiently wait whilst teething issues are resolved by those lucky guys down under.


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