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The new 2015 … Ford Ranger pickup Truck

Released date due for early 2015 the new Ranger is here, and what an improvement. With a facelift partly taken from the new Ford Everest, the Ranger has kept own identity with a unique version of the three bar grille design, the
two vertical air intakes sit either side whilst the grille extends down to form the bumper middle section. The bonnet is higher with headlights wrapping around the corners to merge the panels seamlessly, the bumper has a new look too, which finishes the new chunky image very much for the better.
The interior is rumoured to have many improvements with a new dash, interior materials, insulation and seating design.
As for engine and other technical information, Ford have yet to confirm, but from the short video released by the manufacturer boasting “smoother, stronger, smarter and safer” this would suggest bigger engines, improved suspension and more safety features. Towing weights may also be improved, as some of the Rangers main competitors have upped their gain in this area for 2015
The Ranger has proven to be a popular seller for Ford in the pick up market, especially in Australia and the US but needs to keep at the top of it’s field with stiff competition from the likes of the Hi-Lux. In Europe the sales battle for these utility vehicles is a harder one for Ford, with new additions to the sector such as the VW Amrok, however this new truck is sure to improve figures for the manufacturer.

Images; Ford

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