The most expensive Range Rover … todate

The flagship marque of the Land Rover group has taken a step upwards thanks to a collaboration between the Special Vehicle Operations department and the renown gunsmiths Holland & Holland.
The special edition model base on the long wheel base chassis will be known as the Holland & Holland. Painted in a complete colour coded classic dark green highlighted with plenty of chrome trim the H&H looks stunning.
However the interior is where it really shines, with reclining executive seats, electric walnut tables soft brown leather, walnut trim and even door handles that are engraved to match the shot guns that are crafted by Holland & Holland.
The rear storage area has a leather bound gun box that is deployed to the rear for easy access to those legendary shotguns. You will however have to supply your own.
Only 40 of these models will be made over a three year period, with a choice of two engines 4.4 Ltr V8 or a 5.0 Ltr supercharged V8.

range-rover-holland-b range-rover-hollandc range-rover-holland-g

Expect to pay in the region of £180,000 if you would like one, and hurry as orders are adding up.
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Images; Land Rover