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The Mercedes G Class … latest cloned 4×4 from China

 After the Evoke and others, the latest SUV copycat model from China is the BJ80C a dead ringer for the Mercedes G Class. Revealed last month in a quiet corner of the Shanghai Auto Show from BAIC it is expected to hit the markets in the latter end of 2015.cloned-car
As it stands now, the BJ80C will have two engine options, a 2.4 ltr petrol and a 4.0 ltr straight six petrol, wheel base is 2,800, length is 4,780, width 1,850 and height 1,975 mm.
The vehicle is a 90% copy of the G Wagon, except for a smaller rear window and light cluster, the grille looks like a toned down Hummers, even the interior styling has the Mercedes traits.


The vehicle comes with an adventure safari option to include roof rack, partial roll cage, snorkel, winch, bull bar and LED light bars.


Development of the truck dates back to 2011 with designs for a military version the BJ80J. It is surprising that Daimler-Benz who own a 12% share in BAIC allowed this to happen, or possibly agreed to the project after gentle persuasion from the Chinese auto giant in relation to future projects of collaboration.




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