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The Kampa Geyser … hot water for those on the move


Enjoy hot water on tap instantly from the back of your vehicle, or even a shower for that matter thanks to the new Geyser from Kampa.


The mobile hot water system runs from a 12v car plug and a standard camping gas bottle. It comes with its own tough carry case and weighs in at only 4kg, measuring just 310 x 245 x 300mm this is a great way to have continuous hot water on tap whilst camping or on expedition.
It comes fitted with an automatic ignition system and fold out tap for washing hands or dishes. Water temperature is adjustable from 30c to 55c and boasts a strong flow of 2.5 litres per minute, water can be recirculated around the system to increase the temperature even more, perfect for when used with the showerhead and its 2.5 metres of hose. Because it connects to an external water source there is no running out of water half way through a shower.
With the Geyser you get the 12v lead and the water hose with submersible pump to drop into your cold water feed tank or bucket.
The gas usage is given to be 400g per hour meaning a 907 cylinder would work for approx 7 hours at max heat.
 The unit is for outdoor use only, not to be built in due to fume venting, and requires a 12v cigarette socket power supply in addition to gas so as to power the system.
The Geyser works from most popular butane/propane cylinders with the appropriate regulator, as the regulator required is specific to your preferred gas bottle and size, the regulator is not included.


Requirements for operation:
12v DC supply.
Gas regulator – 28-30 mbar for butane, 37 mbar for propane.
Gas hose – maximum length 1.5 metre.


For more information visit; KAMPA


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