Product Road Test

The Jump Genie … getting you rolling


Jump Start your car without getting out of the car!
Now that’s a handy device that’s been along time coming. With Jump Genie there is no fiddling with the bonnet catch, flagging down sympathetic motorists, phoning the rescue services or even having to get out of the car.
A welcoming thought on a cold winters day when your car battery decides to give up on you. The Jump Genie is a handy little device that fits into your cup holder of the car and simply plugs into you lighter socket. A clever idea that will recharge your battery and have it ready for ignition in 10 minutes. By leaving the Jump Genie plugged into your lighter socket it will recharge itself in 40 minutes ready for next time.
Designed for 12v batteries with a 30V output capacity it’s suitable small trucks and 4×4.


For more information visit  Jump Genie



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