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The Jeep FC M 6-77

For all you Jeep freaks out there, here is something very special for you. The M-677.


Although we are all aware of the many variations of the Forward Control Jeeps, the M series was a limited order for the US military in and around 1964. With rumours of 400 to 700 made, from research it seems more like 600 was the figure made to fulfill an order to the US Navy. Weighing in at between 2 to 2.5 tonnes and standing at 7 foot tall, these trucks were not lightweights, built on the FC-170 platform being the longer of the two options.
The FC M 677 was a four door crew cab with seating for six, plus a rear pick up load bed with canopy.


Power was given from a Cerlist three cylinder, two stroke, supercharged diesel engine, mated to a T-90 transmission box and a Spicer 18 transfer case. However there were a few fitted with a 105hp petrol Continental 226cid 6 cyl L-head called the “Super Hurricane”
The variations made of the FC M are listed below;
  • M676 – Basically a civilian FC with minor modifications
  • M677 – A four-door crew cab with a canopy over the bed
  • M678 – An FC with a van body
  • M679 – An M678 refitted as an ambulance
Ebay sale Truck No.624
The trucks were individually marked and number 264 has just been sold on ebay for £3000 as a rotten non-runner, not bad for the vendor.
With reports of less than 70 of these trucks left, they are quickly becoming a pretty rare beast. Owners are now struggling to obtain parts for these Jeeps and fabrication seems to be the only answer to the problem due to their rarity.


jeep-fc-m-series jeep-fc-m-677


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