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The Isuzu … History of the utility pick up

Continuing with our utility pick up reviews
Pick Up … the Isuzu story.
1949 the Japanese name Isuzu was introduced as a manufacturers label to the motor industry, the name came from the Isuzu river meaning ‘fifty bells pealing in harmony and celebrations, it was used to mark the company progress into the medium and heavy truck industry.
The company original started as far back as 1916 when Tokio Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Company decided to expand their business joining forces with Tokio Gas and Electric Industrial Company to produce their first truck in 1918.
By 1922 the company acquired a license to manufacture the British Wolseley to achieve their first car, this was the first in many foreign collaborations
After product designs such as airbrakes, under floor mounted engines and the first ever air cooled diesel engine, company mergers and splits, 1937 saw the company Tokyo Jidosha Kogyo emerge and they focused on development of the Diesel engine. In 1938 they started manufacture of the Isuzu TX40 (T for truck, X for engine and 40 representing the 4 meter wheel base) this was designed as a military truck to meet isuzu-txthe demands of the 1937 Sino-Japanese war. This was the first truck to carry an Isuzu name and in 1945 the image of a pick up was born.
Now the Isuzu label was known and breaking boundaries with the world first ever two ton, light duty, forward control truck the ELF manufactured in 1959, this was followed by the Wasp in 1963 the D-MAX’s ancestor.
This eventually attracted the attention of General Motors (GM) with whom they combined forces with in 1971 to build the Chevrolet Luv (Light Utility Vehicle) by way of these trucks Isuzu had reached the American/European Markets. GM could now sell American cars to the Japanese and in return Isuzu could sell to the western world. Isuzu released their first generation Pick up in 1972 which they produced until 1980.
1972-1980 1st Generation Pick Up
Manufactured as the Isuzu Faster for the Japanese home market, Chevrolet LUV forbedford-kb America and the Bedford KB (Vauxhall) in England Bedford KB (Opel) in Europe
Engine Option; Petrol 1.6ltr/67bhp/81lb torque
Diesel 2.0ltr/60bhp/83lb torque
Cab Options. Standard 2 door, Standard 4 door
1976 introduced the 3speed automatic gearbox and disc brakes were added to the front.
1978 Four Wheel Drive was introduced as the ‘Rodeo’
Current Value. Rocking Horse Manure, Suspicion is they have rusted away or been lovingly nurtured in a shed and are not for resale.
1980-1988 2nd Generation Pick Up
Now sold under the Isuzu label as the Pick Up or Bedford KB / Vauxhall Brava with bedford kb 1987the Rodeo label to denote the 4WD. Throughout the 1980’s Isuzu became the worlds largest truck producer earning more then 20 design trophies in its homeland from the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
Engine Options; Petrol 1.8ltr /80hp/??lbs torque 2.0ltr/58hp/93lb torque
Cab Options; 2 Door Cab, 2 Door Space Cab, 4 Door Crew Cab
1983 Facelift changing from round headlights to rectangular, a 12 port grill and mirrors were restyled. Engines became upgraded from 1.6ltr to 1.8ltr and 2.2ltr and 5 speed gearbox introduced.
1984 a petrol 2ltr engine was made available
1985 The 2 door Space Cab was launched
1986 Isuzu and Bedford Vehicles join to form the company IBC.
1987 Final facelift to an open rectangular grill and optional power steering.
Current Value: £1k to £1.5k
1988-2002 3rd Generation Pick Up
The Vauxhall Brava and Isuzu TF and Trooper in the UK/European markets. Rodeo was again used to define AWD. In the 1990’s the renowned Rodeo won the Alcan Winter Rally three times in a row no doubt aided by Isuzu operating their equipment at the Japanese Antarctic Observation Base since 1955.isuzu-pick-up-3rd gen
Isuzu is still amongst the largest supplier of pick up trucks with affordability being a high factor for its popularity.
Engine Options; Petrol 2.6ltr/118hp/??torque     Diesel 2.8ltr/99hp/166lbs torque
Cab Options, 2 Door, 2 Door Space Cab, 4 Door Crew Cab
1992 engine improved to 2.8ltr turbo injection engine
1997 Facelift produced a rounder look to the front and a new dash
Current value £2k to £2.5k
2002-2012 Isuzu Rodeo
Replacing the TF and Trooper to form one sturdy but user-friendly vehicle to meet the demands of both the family and the workhorse. Premier model was titled the isuzu-rodeoDenver.
Engine Options, Diesel 2.5ltr/ 100hp/?? torque Diesel 3ltr/130bhp/?? torque
Cab Options, Single Cab, Double Cab, Crew Cab
2.5 ltr engine has a 2 tonne towing capacity and the 3ltr a 3 tonne.
Power upgrades were offered for the 3ltr engines.
3ltr engine had an optional automatic gear box
Current value 2k – 12k
2012- Present Isuzu D-Max
Now available as a standard pick up or a Premier Range to suit all taste. Capable of towing 3.5 tonne, 38.2mpg efficiency, steel timing belt, enhanced ground clearance Isuzu_D_MAX_2013_and numerous electric gadgets.
Engine Options. Diesel 2.5ltr/160hp/295lbs torque
Cab options, Single Cab, Extended Cab, Double Cab
Isuzu are now entering into the luxury market with a 5 year/ 125,000 mile warranty.
Current Value. £21k to £30k New



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