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The Humdinga by Gibbs Amphitrucks … a 4×4 and power boat !

Gibbs Technologies have been evolving vehicles capable of traveling on water, highway and off road under the expertise of it’s Gibbs Amphitrucks division. The company based in Warwickshire, UK have been perfecting High Speed Amphibian technology for nearly 20 years and are now ready to manufacture globally.
Gibbs is producing two impressive High Speed Amphibinans ‘engineered to deliver a single transport solution to anywhere, on rough terrain or rough water. Both Amphitrucks, the Humdinga and the Phibian are competent to carry people or payloads at speeds in excess of 30mph on water. A push of a button converts the boat in seconds to a land vehicle capable of highway speeds and all terrain ability.
Humdinga AmphitruckGibbs
Introduced as a rugged high speed Amphitruck this vehicle has a curb weight of 2,750kg, measures in at 6,685mm in length, 2,380mm high and 2,092 wide. On land the truck is constantly in four-wheel drive enabling off-road transport for seven people or equal cargo through remote and hostile terrains. The wheels retract and the 300 bhp engine’s power train disconnects from driving the wheels to powering the boat’s jet propulsion system to speeds of over 30mph across water.
Phibian AmphitruckHumdinga-amphibious-vehicle-concept-back2
Designed as a medium duty amphibian to assist with emergency response and rescue, the 2,000kg cargo area can be configured with seating to carry 15 individuals. This Amphitruck is capable of highway speeds on land and can function in FWD, RWD or 4×4. The Phibian is fitted with twin diesel engines one to power the drive axel and one to power the Gibbs water jet to speeds again in excess of 30mph across water.

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