The Flying Huntsman 105 Long Nose Defender … by Kahn Design

As we all know the Defender is soon to be no more, but one well known coach building company is refusing to let it go without a bang.
Kahn Design has recently unveiled their Flying Huntsman 105 Long-nose Defender to keep the breed going, for now at least.
As the 105 suggests the wheel base has been stretched to 105 inches with an extra 400mm added to the “nose” all obviously relating to the name. The extra space in the engine bay is to accommodate the General Motors LS3 V8 6.2 litre lump giving you 300 -336 kw of power through a six speed auto box with push button controls. The brakes and suspension have undergone extensive up-grades although to suit more road usability, as have the wheels and tyres.
The blown wheel arch body kit makes the vehicle instantly recognisable from a crowd of Defenders as does the face, with the grille and integrated bumper LED fog lights.
Khan do say however, it is more than capable for negotiating rough terrain than most soft roaders and will leave most rivals standing when it comes to the black top.
The 105 Long Nose will be unveiled officially at the Geneva Motor Show later this year and that could not be the end of it, there also may be more from the Khan stables for this breed, such as a 5 door option, again with a longer wheel base. The rumour mill is now turning with talk of a smaller petrol engine and diesel options too, also a 6×6 model with personnel blast protection! This 6×6 armoured version will give other companies, the likes of Binz, some strong UK competition.khan-105- flying-huntsman-2015
The 105 is expected to retail at around £125.000 (€165,0000)
We wait to see what the Flying Huntsman badge will eventually bring us from a days hunting.

Kahn Design;

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