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The Flat Pack Offroader … from the UK


How many trucks can you fit in a 40ft container? The Flat Packed OX built in Britain can be shipped 6 at a time. Yes flat packed, and it has all terrain mobility.


The Ox is the brainchild of the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) to supply a cost effective, multi functional vehicle, intended for use in developing countries.



GVT’s engineer Professor Gordon Murray designed the vehicle to be packed into two parcels, gearbox and 2.2 16v diesel engine in one and everything else in the second. External panels are all made from flat, extremely strong and waterproof bonded wood composite; even the glass panels are flat. This strategy helps keep production, supply and maintenance costs down, allowing the truck to be built on site wherever in the world it’s required.


Built on a bespoke chassis and suspension system the GVT OX gives great all terrain ability. Using a two-wheel drive system to again keep cost and maintenance to a minimal means the OX has enhanced ground clearance, boasting a wadding depth up to 1m. Their ‘OXGlide’ suspension on a wide wheelbase gives a low centre of gravity so with the chunky small tyres it ensures stability on tracks and rough ground worthy of any 4×4 system. The back and front of the vehicle have been angled to 45 degrees with short overhangs to aid approach and departure. All electrics are pre fitted so with 12 hours of screwing doors, windscreen etc into place and a few capable mechanics you’ll have a working and effective vehicle.



Ok, so we’re not talking hard-core off-roader here but the OX has 229 lb ft of grunt and can carry a 2000kg payload, that’s 44 gallon drums or 3 euro pallets, twice as much then a normal pick up. It can also transport up to 13 people.

The cab holds three seats with the steering wheel positioned in the middle so it can be driven in any country regardless of which side of the road they drive on.


ox pick up


Although the current powertrain in the OX prototypes is an ultra-reliable 2.2-litre Ford diesel unit they’ve made it future proof. As technologies develop, it can be switched to an electrical or hydrogen-powered system.


Can’t help but think this is how the Defender came to fruition, a cheap, capable workhorse with bolt on and off parts.


Check out more here and see the video of the OX in action below …

Ox Truck-flat-pack









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