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The First Overlanders

In 1955 six British university students, three from Cambridge and three from Oxford conceived a plan to be the first people to travel overland from London to Singapore using 4×4 vehicles.
Singapore was chosen as it was the furthest point from London still on the land mass that makes up the continents of Europe and Asia. Once over the English route to singaporeChannel it was land, but certainly not roads all the way.
landrover-singapore1The expedition took place in a different era than present, when the British Empire still spanned the globe. The expedition route was one that could not be considered today. Many of the areas visited are now closed to visitors due to conflicts and civil unrest. Roads that were then travelled have now disappeared, many were temporary routes built by army engineers during the war.
      1955_oe_mesai_river_lowres london to singapore
There is a DVD available with modern commentary by the surviving members of the expedition team and footage from the BBC funded documentary.

Extracts by Greg Rose

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