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The Ferves Ranger … a 4×4 by Ferrari Special Vehicles

You probably have never herd of the Ferves Ranger, one of the weirdest compact 4×4’s ever made and that’s probably due to only 600 being produced.ferves-ranger
Built between 1966 to 1971 debuted at the Turin Motor Show, the Ranger was originally only 2WD, but they soon added 4WD capability, and, interestingly, a very low-geared differential, making it a very capable little off roader.


The Ferves Ranger is related to the Fiat 500 and 600. It uses a Fiat 500F’s engine (2 cylinder, 499cc, about 22 HP), a Fiat 600’s suspension bits and steering, and a custom body tub designed for off-road use. The company, Ferves, gets its name from Ferrari Veicoli Speciali, and yes, that’s Ferrari Special Vehicles. With a top speed of 45mph, it was a “special vehicle” compared to the usual Ferrari products.


The car had an open body with 4 vinyl-covered seats, a folding windscreen, and removable suicide doors on early models, later models had conventional hinged doors. All 600 cars built were LHD, and there was a two seat cargo version with a carrying capacity of 300kg. The chassis numbers commenced at 300 for the passenger version and 100 for the cargo body.


There are reportedly less than 50 of these little trucks left, and one sold in Italy last year for £22,000 and more recently at Sotheby’s London for over £29,000 !!!



A short clip of the Ranger …


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