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The Fenek Rally 2015 … Tunisian Desert

fenek crew
The Fenek Rally Tunisian Eco Race is organised by Territori Travel to run this year from the 3rd to 12th October across the Tunisian desert dunes.
Designed as an off-road vehicle race through six stages across over 200km, there are four daytime orientations, one of which is timed; one night orientation and one timed only stage.
The race is open to everyone and anyone with a reduction gear vehicle (low range gearbox) and a love of desert riving or racing.
Scoring for the competition is by way-points, distance traveled, difficulty and time, all recorded by a machine fitted to the vehicle at the start of the event. The machine is designed to produce score sheets automatically at the end of each stage enabling each team to know their standing on a daily basis.
Prices include half board, and if you don’t wish to race you can still enjoy participation of the event following as a spectator.
We caught up with the race organisers this year at Les Comes 4×4 Festival in Spain, where they were displaying their Mercedes rally truck and offering rides around the Dakar display circuit. A great bunch of people with the spirit for adventure and off road driving, English is widely spoken by most staff members, you could not be in better hands for a North African rally.
The event is classed as one of the “affordable rallies” for novice and professionals alike, if you have always wanted to “have a go” at one of these races, then this is the one for you.
If you fancy tackling the Tunisian desert and need more information or registration then click here.


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