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The Drysdale Dryvtech 2x2x2 bike … All Wheel Drive & Steering !!

We have always said we cover both 4×4 and All Wheel Drive vehicles, so this little gem has to be included, an what a stunner it is. After stumbling on the bike whilst researching, we thought you have to know aboutdrysdale-dryvtech-2x2x2-1 this, if nothing more than the idea of it being put into a working bike. The Drysdale Dryvtech 2x2x2 is named after it’s designer Ian Drysdale, who also is owner of Drysdale Motorcycles in Victoria, Australia famous for his V8 motorcycle builds.
The DD treble 2 has another surprise too, it is all hydraulically powered by a 250cc two stroke engine that runs a high pressure (4,500psi) hydraulic pump feeding two oil hub motors and two steering rams on each wheel. Hence all wheel steer and all wheel drive.drysdale-dryvtech-8
Although at first glance (or maybe more) the bike does look a little “odd” you have to admire the whole concept of the design and possibilities for future vehicles. No brakes are required as the oil drive hubs complete braking too and there are no mechanical links to the steering wheels either as this is dealt with through pipework and valves operating the hydraulic rams.
You have to tip your hat to the ingenuity of Ian and the idea being put into practice.drysdale-2
The bike will only every be a one off build and was sold on ebay Australia to an off roading bidder at around €6,500 or £ 5,000.

images; Drysdale

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