The Defender replacement to be built in Slovakia

So as the rumours said Eastern Europe was a safe bet for a new JLR factory and the production line for the new Defender or the Defender replacement. Nitra seems to be the exact location.
So now all that remains is to see if the new product can fulfill all expectations of Defender lovers and users.


* This week Land Rover returned to the island where its name was created for unique heritage drive event on the  isle of Islay, in Scotland which was used as a testing ground by Spencer Wilks in 1947, where several of the early Series Land Rover prototypes were put through their paces. While on the island guests drove a variety of Series Land Rovers and Defenders, including a 1954 Series I 107″ Pick-Up, 1965 Series IIa 88″ Tilt and 1980 Series III 109″ Station Wagon.
Spencer Wilks, then the Managing Director of the Rover Car Company, owned the Laggan Estate on the island. In 1947, whilst driving his modified Rover 12 across the rugged landscape, the then gamekeeper of the estate, Ian Fraser remarked that it must be a “Land Rover”, and the name was born.

* Land Rover


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