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The Catch Can …. catch that oil from your rocker cover.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation. Does your 4×4 have this “system”? more than likely; unless you drive an antique. Positive crankcase ventilation is a requirement for almost every fuel powered combustion engine found in cars. But how it’s utilised in modern vehicles could be harming your engine.
In case you are unaware, when an engine is running and the piston is forced downward from the combustion process an unavoidable amount of air, fuel and gases makes it past the piston rings, which “seal” the cylinder chamber. This mix of air/fuel/gases is a result of the pressure created from the combustion/explosion. It gets forced into the crankcase. This is called blow-by. To combat this pressure inside the crankcase, a vent was developed to vent out the pressure or keep a even pressure inside the crankcase.
Are you with me so far? So this is all fine and dandy, really, not quite. But for one smalloil traps thing, inside the crankcase is plenty of motor oil, so all of this blow-by forced into the crankcase gets vented and along with it comes oil. In the early days, they used what was called a draft tube, simply put it was a tube that attached to the motor where this vent was, and it ran down to the bottom of the engine bay under the car. The draft of air under the car while you were driving whisked away the oil from the tube and straight under the car on to the road.
Eventually it was decided that this all was not the most environmentally friendly or an efficient way to go about dealing with blow-by gases. So a new way to process this pressure and escaped oil had to be found, and what ingenious technological advancement that was … feed it right back into the engine !!!
So we arrive at the regular service problem of hose cleaning due to oil residue build-up from your rocker cover breather ? This problem has always been a pain to most older diesel engine lovers, but a necessary evil, but no more.blocked__breather_hose
Well now there is a great little product on the market that cleans all of that up keeping your hoses spotless and therefore improving their life.
High Performance Diesel or HPD of Australia has designed and created a universal oil/air separator to operate as a catch can for your 4WD vehicle.   The separator can be adapted to most diesel vehicles and is the perfect product to reducing or eliminating oily fumes that can contaminate the intake system and therefore helps keep your intercooler and turbo hoses clean internally. This translates into more efficient air intake, cooling and hence better power delivery.
Although not cheap, at £180 due to it’s construction from stainless steel, it is interchangeable between vehicles so you can strip it off if you sell or upgrade your 4×4. As for it’s life-span, it will see us all out if used and cleaned as instructed.

 Follow this link to the demonstration video;


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