can am 6x6 outlander xt
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THE CAN AM OUTLANDER 6×6 … a toy that can work for a living

For those land owners that have a use for a quad utility vehicle the Outlander 6×6 XT may be that upgrade that you are looking for next time around. With the options of a 650cc or 1000cc Rotax V twin liquid cooled engines, with more pulling power, traction and load capacity the Can Am beastie should not be ruled out as a great tool or even a boys muscle toy.

 2015-Can-Am-Outlander-6x6-Action-02 can-am-outlander-1000-6x6-atv can am atv

Most choices always come down to cost at the bottom line, and the Outlander 6×6 enters the market at a very respectable £8,500 with some good kit as standard, including a 3000lb Warn winch, D.E.E.S. anti theft system, a 15amp DC power outlet, 12 inch alloy wheels, heavy duty front bumper and a duel level cargo box with modular accessories. You also get an auto locking front diff. Transmission is automatic with the options of high, low, park, reverse and a very low range L position.

The Outlander has a superb towing weight of 750kg, front rack capacity of 45kg and rear rack capacity of 318kg. The dry weight of the ATV IS 515kg

can am 6x6 With a ground clearance is 11inches/28cm and suspension travel of 9 inches  plus this is a serious ATV straight off the shelf. Proof of the pudding is when they are used by emergency and rescue services, and they are.

The list of accessories available enable you to tailor the ATV to your needs, whether you are a farmer, game keeper, hunter, adventurer or fun seeker the Outlander 6×6 can be just what you are looking for.

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