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The Bushranger Portable hot gas shower … for campers and adventurers

We all know when you is on that epic 4×4 adventure or just a few day’s away camping, it’s a real luxury to get a hot shower at some point.
We have all tried the various solar heating shower kits on the market with varying success usually due to the weather conditions. Now you can enjoy a thermostatically controlled hot shower for as long as your camping showerwater and gas bottle allows !
Thanks to the Bushranger people the simple things in life just got better. The Australian accessory company have a reputable name in the outback gear sector for quality and reliability.
With an impressive 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger, the Bushranger gas hot water shower is a pretty impressive piece of kit to be added to your vehicle camping gear list.
The unit takes only a few minutes to set up, uses only 6 litres of water per minute with a good shower head constant pressure and variable spray patterns. There is a digital temperature display with a safety temperature cut out at 50 deg C. Instant ignition, based on water flow with no pilot light required saving gas and a safety improvement. The shower also has a no-flow water cut out to the burner in case your water butt runs dry and a flame failure sensor to cut off the gas supply.
The unit needs no mains power to operate only two D cell batteries and a 12v supply to operate the pump, heating an impressive 360 litres of water per hour from mains, bottled or any clean water source of your choice.
The shower kit comes with pump & all hoses required but you may need a new gas bottle regulator depending on your country of use.
The cost of the shower kit is around £340.00 plus shipping


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