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The Bush Winch … a cost effective alternative



Our cousins down under have been offroading for many a year now, and through that time, with experience have come up with some vary smart ideas of making life off road a little easier for all of us. Here is one such product, some may of heard of it, the Bush Winch.


The Bush Winch is a lightweight self recovery system for 4WDs and 2WD vehicles alike. When needed, the Bush Winch is simply connected to the front or rear wheels of your vehicle, with the winch rope attached to the Bush Winch at one end and the anchor point at the other, the winch rope then winds onto the Bush Winch as the wheel spins, so pulling you along.bush-winch


With the option to go backwards or forwards the action is the same, until you reach firm ground again with the vehicle. Take the Bush Winch off when finished and store it and the winch rope in the kit bag provided. The Bush Winch connects and disconnects simply by hand without any tools necessary and the winch rope is specially designed for strength, soft to the touch, and light weight, making it easy to handle.



The Bush Winch vehicle self-recovery system is a unique design with these key features incorporated into its design;
Has unsurpassed power by use of the vehicles engine.
Safe, simple and easy to use.
Versatile and light weight.
A cost effective alternative to heavy traditional winches and their necessary accessories.
There are no additional requirement for a winch bumper, nor any electrical or mechanical parts.
Similarly it can be used on automatic and manual vehicles with or without Traction Control and there is no requirement for a Differential Lock.



Rope Guide
Bush Winch do supply accessories to assist the winching process, such as ground anchors, and rope guides that allow you to winch from an anchor point that is at an angle to the side of the vehicle.

bush-winch -guide


So how do you fit the Bush Winch?
  • First, you will need to replace your vehicles wheel nuts or bolts,whichever is the case for your vehicle, with the supplied Bush Winch variants. These wheel nuts/bolts have a slot cut into the head, which the Bush Winch attaches to. Once they are on leave the nuts/bolts in place on your vehicle so that the Bush Winch can be attached at any later time when required.
  • A simple push and twist actionof the Bush Winch onto the wheel nuts/bolts is all you need to do when attaching.  A reverse twist and pull is all you need to do when removing.
  • Two winch drums and two winch ropes are supplied as standard in the Bush Winch kit and you can chose to attach one or both to the front or back axle to winch forward or backwards as required.
  • The winch ropes are taken from the winches to anchor pointseither in front or behind the vehicle depending on whether you wish to winch forward or backward.
Then simply engage forward or reverse gear and drive and the winch rope will wind onto the winch drum as the wheel spins forcing the vehicle along.


Visit the Bush Winch site here



Check out the Bush Winch video …





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