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The Burlak … a 6×6 Arctic Adventurer


A team of eight self-proclaimed “daredevils” from Russia are hoping to be the first to drive to the geographic North Pole and back … and to achieve this they have built the “Burlak”
The Car Transarctic Expedition team have built the gigantic 6×6 vehicle for the Arctic challenge and the 7-meter long off-roader is a real go-anywhere vehicle.  Initially, it was a BTR-60 Russian armored personnel vehicle, but today it is unrecognisable, as an all-terrain monster with wheels as tall as a man and a load capacity of 3 tonnes.
The Burlak (Russian for Hauler) has house-type body, heavily insulated, equipped with a kitchen, shower-sauna, four beds and other life supporting amenities.  All of the vehicle’s systems and engine are accessible from within the vehicle, enabling the crew to perform repairs without being subjected to the arctic elements.
To drive the North Pole, the Burlak is equipped with a body that floats, winches front and rear, a propeller, compressor and a list of equipment that seems impossible to fit onboard with the  four man crew, but we have no images of the space within.
The monster truck is powered by a 3.0-liter diesel engine and combines parts from the BTR armored personnel carrier, Gaz 66 military cargo transporter, and a Toyota Land Cruiser!
Its low-pressure tires are five-and-a-half feet tall and over two feet wide. The aluminum-bodied creation can also float and has a propeller in the likely event that it encounters any breaks in the ice.
Expedition member Vasily Elagin drove to the North Pole in 2009, but his team were forced to be airlifted out and forced to leave their vehicles behind. This time, he hopes to get there and back without any outside help. Two Burlaks will be built for the trip, each towing a supply train behind them and will carry all of the fuel, food and equipment that is required for the trip.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about production or cost to build a copy but you can guess that it is would be a good pile of money. But, no one said that creating a vehicle to drive to the North Pole and back would be cheap.


Check out the video of the Burlak in action here …..




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