The Bollinger B1 … a new electric 4×4


Ever heard of Bollinger Motors? No, well you won’t be the only one, but you may read this and remember them …


After years of work and months of teasing, Bollinger Motors has unveiled their B1 all electric 4×4 sport utility truck in their home town of New York. The first thing anyone will notice about the B1 won’t be its new electric powertrain, but rather its “boxy” old-school looks, which gives a resemblance to the Land Rover Defender.Bollinger-B1_electric-suv

It rides high, and its big mud tires immediately signal that this vehicle has off-road capability, while its minimalist styling and flat surfaces speak to its utility. Inside, the B1 has sealed gauges and polyurethane-coated floor pans. If the interior gets dirty it can simply be hosed down.

The B1 is powered by either a 60 or 100kWh battery pack a and a pair of electric motors providing 360 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. It’s surprisingly quick, doing 0-60mphin just 4.5 seconds. The 60-kWh pack offers 120 miles of driving range and charges in 7.3 hours on a Level 2 charger, or 45 minutes on a DC fast charger. The 100-kWh pack offers 200 miles of range, and recharges in 12.1 hours (Level 2) or 75 minutes (DC fast charger). Estimated fuel economy is a combined 67.4 miles per gallon equivalent. All this is good for trundling around the farm or into the village, but as all electric vehicles, range and charge times are the issues, with plenty of scope for improvements

bollinger-b1-suv-4x4With Bollinger’s first vehicle, the emphasis is on “utility,” and the electric powertrain is part of that. With front and rear motors, the B1 is all wheel drive, and its combination of torque and ground clearance (adjustable from 10 to 20 inches) mean that is will make itself at home on or off the road. The B1 features a self-levelling, four wheel independent suspension and disconnecting anti-roll bars to allow for maximum articulation offroad. A set of BFGoodrich LT285/70R17 Mud tyres provide traction.

“Since the B1 is an all-electric truck, it’s really a portable energy source,” says Bollinger Motors CEO Robert Bollinger. For work in the field, the B1 offers a number of power outlets, including a pair of 110-volt plugs in the back of the truck. The vehicle also offers several storage areas, including a 14-cubic-foot under bonnet storage, and a rear cargo area that can store when seats are removed. A pass-through stretching from the rear bed to the front boot makes more room for longer items, and can fit 24 2x4s at lengths of up to 12 feet with the tailgate closed. The B1 can also tow 2.75 tonnes.

Bollinger says it will release pricing later this year, and is still working to secure manufacturing in the US. Once that is finalised, Bollinger expects to begin deliveries of the B1 within 18 months.


Check out the Road Show video & images below;




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