Like it or not, electrification of our lives has crept up on us and can only grow further in the future.
Batteries are in everything from our mobile phones, Sat Nav’s, to our cars, as we reported recently even the trusty Defender has an electric prototype being testedCHARGE POINT 1 in Wales. There are many manufacturers now working on or offering hybrid 4×4 powered options.
The humble battery has come on in design leaps and bounds from it’s early day’s but still falls far short of the performance requirements that today’s tech savvy modern world demands now.
Well, from a design discovery in Singapore all is about to change for the better. Researchers at Nanyang Technological University have come up with a few tweaks to the lithium ion battery to allow it to charge to 70% in only 2 minutes. It will also last for 20 years instead of the current average of two to three years before deterioration. Charging cycles will rise from 500-1000 to 10,000 for your battery life span.
CAR CHARGE1The “green” effects speak for themselves, less electric used in charging times and less replacement batteries, hence less dead batteries from our gadgets, which are classed as seriously toxic waste.
This breakthrough could be exactly what electric vehicle developers were waiting for, long life batteries, rapid charge and cheaper to produce. Reports state that range will increase dramatically and a short charge of five minutes, whilst you pop into the shop for milk and a paper, will get you up to around 60% full charge.
The new makeup of the battery replaces the traditionally used graphite on the negative pole of the battery with a gel material based on titanium dioxide, which can be found in soils, making it a far cheaper product to produce.


If you wish to know more about the tech stuff on this breakthrough, click here for the NTU press release …