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The B1 in action … test track videos

It was only a few short months ago that Bollinger revealed the B1 to the world since then thing have really started to roll for the small company.

The B1 electric utility truck has topped up over 10,000 advance orders for the upcoming  vehicle. The company achieved that number on the same weekend it published a video of the B1 in off-road testing, which you can see below.

The B1 is the first production planned vehicle for the new company that was founded in 2014. Bollinger will be taking the all electric truck to the SEMA show in Las Vegas at the end of the month. The company has been busy working testing and marketing the new B1 while working toward securing a production facility in the USA.

The orders are not a contractual binding agreement, and Bollinger has yet not confirmed pricing for the truck. However, with figures like that it can only mean there is good interest for a rugged basic 4×4 EV and the Bollinger B1 has nothing standing close to it for specifications and range.


Robert Bollinger (Bollinger Motors CEO) stated “I can’t believe we’ve reached this number of reservations so quickly,”. The company says the reservations “represent hundreds of millions of dollars in potential revenue for the company from eventual vehicles sales,” and that fleet orders won’t be tallied until pricing is announced.

In addition to the off-roading, and track testing videos below, Bollinger recently published a rendered image of the long wheel base 4 door version of the B1 in burnt orange, that will have a wheelbase of 9 inches more than the model seen in the videos and images seen here.


Check out the videos …





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