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The ArkPak 730 … porta-power station

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean switching off all those electric accessories anymore with the ArkPak 730 battery box.arkpak_730_150
The Australian company Arkcorp have developed this rugged portable power station with the 4×4 adventurers in mind, charging AC/DC at 7 amps it can run several items at one time. The unit can be used as a duel battery setup too.
Choose your battery, LiFePO4, Gel, Calcium, AGM or Lead Acid, insert and off you go. It weighs in at 4.62kg and measures 240mm W x 440mm L and 327mm H, not to bulky when space is a premium.
This box has been designed to recharge from 240V mains, Solar panels, Anderson Socket and Cigarette socket so there is always power when you need it what ever your travel plans.0004148_arkpak_730
The inverter has been boosted to 300watts so you can charge multiple devices using the variable sockets provided with modern requirements in mind.
Sockets include a 5 Volt (2 amp) USB, two 12 volt (10 amp cigarette sockets), 50 amp Anderson, DC car charger and External battery terminals.
The ArkPak 730 comes with its own management system to monitor the battery, a 7 stage smart charger, a manual isolator switch and time tracker so you can keep a check on usage and power levels.
The 730 leaves it’s competition rivals standing when all of the specifications are compared. If you are in the market for a portable power station follow the links below for more details.


For more information, ARKCORP;

If your not sure what power your vital electronic devices use check out; 


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