The 9th Land Rover Party … Suria, Barcelona, Spain

landrover party
The Land Rover Party  is held on the Land Rover experience estate called Les Comes in Suria outside of Barcelona. The vast country estate is in the picturesque Monsaratt mountains with stunning views over forested and open mountain tops. With over 60km of dirt tracks, natural water courses, man, made obstacles from rock steps to see-saws the site has it all from novice to winch hardened terrain challenger.
The Land Rover party is held every year in October by Land Rover for Land Rover owners, their friends and families.
land rover party
With everything from the latest Land Rover models on display, after market trade stands, clubs etc. to BBQ’s music and kids entertainment the event has it all catered for. If you are a land Rover owner, you need to attend this party, if only once in your lifetime, it is a must. Party goers have attended from as far as the UK, Poland,and even Croatia. This year it will be held on the 3rd & 4th of October 2015, but you can arrive on the 2nd (Friday) to set up camp.


We will be attending this year to give a full report on all the activities.


About the Land Rover Experience, Les Comes.

Since September 2008, Les Comes becomes the first Land Rover Experience center in Spain, joining a network of 30 centers around the world.
Part of Land Rover Experience means following the philosophy and teaching methods of our center, the instructors have all been trained in England and are continuously trained in the Land Rover Academy, through the Internet.
All centers follow the method of risk assessment by Land Rover, bringing greater security and greater respect for the environment.
Les Comes has an area of 518 hectares and 60 kilometers of off road tracks to perform the full range of courses available.
Since 1998, Les Comes served as a center of outdoor activities for companies, where there have been many events, including; the national teams of the Land Rover G4 Challenge, the Land Rover Party and Land Rover Experience Les Comes for the Iberian peninsular.


A short video of what to expect …



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