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The 4×4 Pick Up Truck … continuing popularity growth

Fancy a pick up …. no, not the drink kind! We are talking about the distinct looking light utility truck that is a popular sight on today’s roads, but why?
If you ask the owners’, it’s the all singing and dancing vehicle, good for everything.isuzu pick up
Versatility is the key, it keeps work and play items separate from the cab. Throw what ever you want in the back bikes; animals, building materials or your camping stuff keeping your cabin clean and dry and in the case of damp tents or sports equipment odour free. For the self-employed it’s a one vehicle for all … work, family and play.
Through the evolution of the humble pick up manufacturers recognised these vehicles entered the market for family use and sports activities, not just commercial applications that they were intended for, hence the later models gained the growing list of options and specifications for a luxury 4×4 and is no longer  just the basic work horse.
Adaptability is everything when it comes to these trucks, the flatbed has various covering options meeting the individual’s needs and the cab comes in a 3 choice option too.
The cab options have 3 main choices.amrok vw
Standard / Regular Cab; has one row of seats and 2 doors, although some later models one or two opening half doors behind the front door to access a small space behind the seats.
King Cab; a 2 door version with a window behind the door pillar. These usually have one row of seats with storage space behind although some have a rudimentary bench seat for occasional use.
Double/Crew Cab; has the double row of seats and 4 doors for access.


The cargo space has a varied list of accessories too, from load liners or bed protectors to the weather covers or tops.
So what are the cover options for the flatbed?
The Tonneau Cover is the basic option improving fuel economy and creating a flat cover protection from ford pick upthe elements and prying eyes but even this comes in a variety of choices.
The soft material, non-locking version with Press Stud /Velcro or Tie’s to seal but can be rolled or pulled back for easy access if your carrying anything tall. These can be fitted within 30 minutes.
The ridged material that gives security and comes in a various materials from coated aluminium to (ABS) hard moulded plastic. These can be rolled or folded back for access whilst keeping versatility of part covered and part exposed. Then of course there’s the one piece hinged to the rear of the cab and lifts using gas rams pretty much like a normal car boot.
The Hard Top is the other option, usually made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) these go up and over and follow the line of the vehicle making it look more like a standard SUV then a truck. The hard top also has a selection of styles, hi-top, medium height and low sloped. These options are more about the look, do you want windows or not?, do you want the windows to open?, fixed, sliding or lift up and out?.
Bed liners, tool boxes and draw systems can also be fitted to the load areas, again with a huge selection of choices to suit the individuals business or leisure needs. We recently reviewed a new product to the market, a spray on load liner giving protection to the cargo area, produced by Line-X.
Towing is not a problem with a pickup, some of these second hand utility trucks can tow up to 3 ton depending on the model and age of the vehicle, many new models have now uprated towing weights to 3.5 ton to match the Land Rover Defender. With the 4×4 option, most commonly purchased now days, you have the ability of getting across most terrains. To confirm your legal towing capacity check out. www.uktow.com/towing capacity.asp

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Over the next few months we will be reviewing what is on the new and second hand market for these much appreciated vehicles.

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