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The 3 Main Upgrades to your 4×4

When it comes to off-roading, certain components of your vehicle are more important than others, especially when it comes to upgrading. We look at the three most important upgrades you can complete on your truck or SUV when it’s time to leave the black top.



As tyres are the only part of your vehicle that’s “supposed” to touch the ground, and the type of tyre on your truck will greatly effect how it behaves both on and off road, it goes almost without saying that upgrading your tires can help enhance your off road experience. Whether that means purchasing all terrain (AT), mud terrain (MT) tyres, or getting a bigger tyre set up for ground clearance and more grip surface, spending some money on better rubber for your planned off-road use will go a long way to increasing your vehicles capabilities.
There is no doubt tyres are one of the most important off-road upgrades you can make. The biggest question to ask yourself is how often you’ll be off of the highway and how much driving on the road you will do. Buying a mud-terrain when all you really need is a good all-terrain is an important distinction to make.
To help you choose check out this tyre review for AT tyres and what tyres do what.
Suspension upgrades serve many purposes on an off-road vehicle.jk-suspension-4x4
With a few exceptions, most trucks and SUVs come from the factory with relatively low ground clearance. That’s fine for on road driving, but on the trails, you may need more clearance. A lifted suspension can provide that, plus allowing for larger tyre clearance against body panels and better trail capability. The additional suspension travel will also help you traversing the rougher stuff.
As an added bonus, beefier suspension is less likely to break, leaving you stranded miles from anywhere. A worthy investment for sure.


Protection is a must. You will encounter hazards off roading, and no matter how great a driver you are they can’t all be avoided. Skid plates are like insurance for your truck, as they provide crucial protection to critical components.
Many important vehicle components are exposed to danger in the form of sharp rocks and other debris, and no one wants to deal with a damaged exhaust, punctured sump pan, or bent steering bar whilst out playing in the woods. That’s not even considering damage to the body, such as the sills, quarters or bumpers.
heavy-Duty-Transfer-Case plateSkid-Plate
Some 4x4s come from the factory well equipped with skid plates etc. as optional add-ons, but many don’t. In some cases, a vehicle might have some, but not all, components protected by skid plates. Skid plates will go a long way towards preventing expensive damage especially if adding ground clearance is not on the cards for your vehicle.



From here, the modification list becomes endless to suit your requirements and driving terrains … once you’ve got the off-roading fever in the blood, it’s time to think of excuses you need to pacify the little lady indoors due to the wish list bills.



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