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Tesla … join the Pickup EV race


Tesla, the company we have all heard of for their cutting edge development with electric vehicles, if you haven’t heard of them then you must have been off planet for the last few years. Well, now is time to listen up ….

Tesla tell us a 4×4 pickup truck is coming.tesla-pickup-truck


The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk hasn’t revealed many details about, but he said we could expect it in 18 to 24 months, which would put the unveil date around early to mid 2019. However, Tesla has to play catch up as you can see below.


Havelaar Bison

In the meantime, other companies are taking initiative to unveil their own electric pickups and utility trucks.

Workhorse is now taking commercial orders for its W15 range extended electric pick up truck and Havelaar of Canada unveiled its Bison pickup in April of this year.

Most recently, Bollinger Motors took the wraps off its battery-powered B1 sport utility truck, which combines off road abilities with the efficiency of an electric powertrain.



Tesla has made a name for itself by blending luxury with performance and cutting-edge technology, all things we’d expect in a truck variant. These renderings from artist Andrei Avarvarii give us a glimpse of how a Tesla pickup could look in the flesh.

Of course, we’d expect a truck from Tesla to offer different battery capacities. It would also make sense for it to serve as a mobile power device, and ideally see electrical outlets in the bed and up in the front bay.

Image Credits; Andrei Avarvarii

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