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Round 3 – Forrest Lodge, Scotland.

Saturday was nice and dry and although thick with midges in the pits it was, for the most, fast through the forest. The 5.9 mile long lap combined very quick ‘cat 1’ track (complete with nervous corners and large drop offs) with quite rough sections in several quarries and off road sections to really test all aspects of the car and driver.


After a slightly worrying parade lap where we struggled on one piece of the course, the lights went green on lap 1 and we were off! We quickly settled into what we considered to be a pace that was not too damaging on the car whilst maintaining a good speed and this proved to be a good tactic as over the day we drew out a steady lead in the Freelander ‘A’ class with no damage at all. The day also brought a visit from Duncan Speirs, a former racer and Team-X member, it was great to catch up and some of Duncan’s photos are shown on this post.

Sunday brought even nicer weather and a continuation of the fast but conservative runs. As is usual at these events, the terrain gets more rutted and dug out as the weekend goes by which at Forrest Lodge means large and sharp rocks are exposed. Sadly run 3 saw the car pick up a puncture on the right rear with a large impact to the wheel which also bent the damper.

TEAM-X-2After a wheel change and some inspection in the pits it was decided to continue on with the damper and just reduce our pace as we had developed a good lead by now. This plan was followed and although very slow on the rough sections, the car still handled well enough to be maintain 95% of its original speed on the forest roads.

We completed all runs and even with the damage we won the event for the Freelander Challenge finishing 1st Overall with a comfortable lead over 2nd place. This puts us back into the lead of the championship.

The challenge now begins to get the car prepared for Round 4 with the rebuild of the rear damper being the main issue. If we can raid the piggy bank, eat pot noodle for a month and do our sums correctly we will be there on the start line in a few weeks….any donations would be gratefully accepted ( for the damper – not pot noodle!!)


I would like to thank our sponsors for their continued amazing help and support – Thanks!!

Pat Masters



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