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Team Sharp take Normandy … Xtreme 2017

CHALLENGE 4X4 XTREME Haute Normandie Manche 1 

Last weekend Team Sharp stormed into action on European soil, coming home with medals to prove a battle was won.

This was the first event of a 4 event series held at Fecamp Forest Park, Normandy in France. 
At this event Delilah (the car) and Allen Sharp were joined by co driver Alex Wilson. 


This is the teams story …

As we arrived in fecamp in the early hours of Friday morning we set up our pits with the other UK teams, Will Webster and Sam “Ram Jam” Webster along with Clive Trowbridge, with everything set up we had a walk around the pits to see the other competitors and their trucks, as we sat there in the sun having some dinner we were told that we could all walk the course. The course was about 4km long with a short blast up a hill into a tight technical wooded section then out into the open on a side slope with tight turns going up and down the hill three times onto some elephant footprints and some Almighty big bomb holes, back into trees with some big winch pulls up and down, out in to a clearing for a short blast then back into the woods and up a nasty vertical incline but 10 foot long through Forest tracks then into the bog from hell then back to the woods 1 last time before a short blast to the finish line. 

We all talked about the best way to attack the course over the weekend. team-sharp-3
Saturday morning we had a drivers briefing at 8.00am and our translator clarified a few points for us, we had to draw numbers for our start position we drew 6th off the line, not a bad place to start, as we set off the line like a scalded cat we found some traffic in the first wooded area, we worked our way around the course by the time we got the bog we found ourselves in the lead we couldn’t believe how well we were going. On the second lap it wasn’t so easy we had to fight our way around through all competitors still on their first lap. after lap 3 we stopped for the compulsory dinner hour. After dinner we pushed on hard knowing we had to hold our position and we would be in with a chance of being in the top three. 

Sunday morning we found out that we were in lead by one lap, we had completed nine laps in all. At the drivers briefing they spring a surprise on us we were starting in reverse order from Saturday. And we was running the course in reverse. Knowing that there was 14 trucks in front of us we had to push hard all day. This way around was quicker by about 5 minutes. We were pushing, so by the end of lap 2 we found ourselves getting quicker on every lap and in the lead, after lap 6 we stopped for a compulsory dinner hour. A cup tea and working through our tactics we worked out that we could ease off a little bit and just put in the laps until 4.30. Now it was about finishing the race. After 12th lap as we come in to finish we guessed we had done enough by the reception we got wow what a feeling to get the respect from my fellow competitors and marshals. Prize giving was an evening affair with some fantastic food with all the competitors being called up to collect their medal for taking part in the event. We had indeed won the first round of this fantasy event which included a free entry into the next round, see you all next time. 
A massive thank you to the organisers and marshals that made the event so good. 
A massive thank you to all our sponsors that make this sport possible for us. 
If you think you have what it takes we’re see you there next time.

Image credits; Team Sharp

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