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SxS RZR … hits the wall of death


Continuing with his action UTV movies, RJ Anderson shows us again that the small SxS buggies can also do the big stuff, the video shows RJ proving that UTV ‘s are just as capable as its big brother 4x4s.

From fast uphill sections to hacking through the whoops, this is what off-roading is all about. The stunts in XP1K4 RJ Anderson-XP1K4-2017are bigger and better than ever! With grinding down rails to hitting the wall of death RJ made it look so easy and seem like there is nothing a RZR can’t do.


XP1K4 was shot at a secret location in the Southern California mountains east of San Diego as an homage to the birthplace freestyle motocross.

RJAnderson-XP1K4Tony Vanillo and his team of dirt and ramp engineers at Off-Road Management Group built some massive stunts that were inspired by freestyle motocross and required some pretty complicated engineering.

What would a motocross based SxS video be without a backflip? RJ ends the video doing a massive backflip between two shipping containers that act as twin towers. It may not have been a world record, but it is one of the cleanest backflips seen and if you watch carefully you can see the drone he takes out in mid flight too.


Sit back and enjoy five minutes of action …





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