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Storage Tips … for your 4×4 Trip

When packing for a motoring holiday or adventure trip every inch of space counts and every ounce of weight when camping. Adventuring in your 4×4 every piece of kit counts, hell, not only have you got the kitchen sink loaded but the fridge is in there too.
Storage is a big issue, everything needs to be accessible and rattle free if you’re off-roading. To buy purpose built storage systems for your truck can work out very expensive, plus they only have the one use, add extra weight and are left in the garage once the trip is over until the next time.
With that in mind, we have put together a few ideas picked up from other adventurers for great storage tips with items that have other uses as well as storage containers we also have listed a few low cost and readily available items that can become very useful on an adventure holiday.


Magazine Racks or Plastic Cereal containers are handy to slide down the sides or backs of chairs to keep all your documentsMagazine-Racks and maps safe. Put them in draws to divide space and give easy access. Line them with a plastic bag and you have an instant bin to slot beside a camping toilet or in-between chairs.



Organise your nik-nak draw with silicon trays; they are great at stopping that tiresome rattle and keeping everything separate. If 2010-09-16 21.19.36you buy the oven proof silicon trays they double up for cooking containers. There are plenty on the market to choose from, ice trays if your storing memory cards, screws and fuses or muffin trays are great for storing cables and chargers, all cushioned in silicon for those rough tracks.



bathroom netRacks and netting are great for that up high space enabling things to be kept separate, easy to reach and secure. Netted storage netpockets are great for the back of seats and doors, or hang them in the wardrobe or on wall space too.


Shower caps are great for slipping wet and muddy shoes into, 2010-09-16 21.08.23they are kept together and the rest of the camping gear clean.




Maximise the light from a head torch by strapping it to a gallon bottle of water to fill the whole tent or vehicle with ambient light.



memory card storageSmall mint or lip-gloss tins are great for keeping SD or Micro SD memory cards safe just pop them into the tin with the size convertors and snap closed.



Solar lights are good for that ambient light and with the new LED versions on the market its worth leaving one or two on the string lights solardash to ensure you have free light of an evening, just make sure you buy ones that switch off if you want to sleep in the dark.
Use a string of solar lights or solar rope light to line/edge the interior roof of your holiday abode or even an exterior awning. This will create free lighting through out the night for those unexpected late night calls of nature or just even help guide you back after a late evening walk.


batteries-bhg-comOrganization boxes come in various sizes with plastic dividers to help personalise the space. Most are splash proof so you can keep all your bits n bobs in one place or just organise all your batteries or phone accessories.


Roll clothes to maximise space, access and visibility. By rolling clothes everything is packed tight so less creasing and items can be seen and removed easily. If you have deep draw you can layer on top but still leave a gap to see what’s below or pack long ways so all yours items are on show.


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