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Stealth Defender party truck … by Red Bull


It’s hard to believe it all started with an energy drink, but now days think Red Bull and nothing really surprises us any more, they have the licence on crazy, so with an established reputation within the world of Formula 1 and Dakar we were interested to see what they would do with the reputable exploration vehicle the Land Rover Defender 130 and an Australian build team, did they give it wings?


Well the new look has been a radical change, from a Defender “brick” to something that has come from a secret military programme. The trucks inspiration has been derived from a winged mean machine, the American F117 stealth bomber to be exact and with the matte black, angled ‘stealth’ body lines it’s impossible to recognise the original 130 Land Rover underneath.


Of course it’s not been just an exercise in external fun with the charging Red Bull logo on the side, encased within are cutting edge PA speakers, a huge flat screen TV and a DJ booth rising up to 3 metres from within to the roof. It is kitted out as the ultimate go anywhere party vehicle.


Originally, the truck was meant to be painted in the blue of Red Bull’s Formula 1 cars. Then, with a last minute decision, the designers opted for the matte black finish you see in the images. Red Bull’s stealth Land Rover doesn’t have an official name yet.
The unofficial name currently used by Red Bull is “Go Anywhere Party Starter”.


Currently using the truck as a promotional tool, Red Bull have not confirmed long term plans for the Stealth wagon, but to be able to hire this for your party would make you the talk of the town.
Party On …




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