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SPYSHOTS …The Jeep Pickup is coming ….


At last we have hard visible evidence that the Jeep Pick Up is not a myth thanks to the keen eye of Chris Doane Automotives. We say hard evidence but our prized sneak preview of the long awaited Jeep Wrangler Pick Up shows it heavy shrouded. Despite the pick up being heavily disguised as Darth Vader there is no mistaking that infamous slotted grill and broad angular girth of a Jeep Wrangler. Ironically the large flat bed has little disguise as Jeep flaunt their new pick up venture at the curious.



Of course from here on we can only speculate at the whispers of 300-hp turbo charged four-cylinder engine. Diesel engines even Hybrids has been mention, increased use aluminium, it sounds like Jeep are hitting the pick-up market with full vigour. Rumours give a release date as 2018 so until it officially exist we’ll have to wait but looks promising so far. Jeep has a reputable history of capable off road knowledge and for this to be part of the 2018 Jeep Wrangle Pick we can only hope.

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Images credits; Chris Doane Automotive

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