SPY-SHOTS ; The new Discovery 5

This week one of our team snapped this new Discovery 5 on test runs through the mountains of Andalucia, Spain.
As expected the LR5 takes on the Discovery Sport shape a little more rounded and losing that boxy shape, however the trade mark step up roof still remains although at a lower profile.
We got a glimpse inside the SUV, between all of the electronic test gear, it is a very nice spacious leather fitted cabin, everything that you would expect from Land Rover.
The new Ingenium engines will be found under the new Disco’s hood, and there will inevitably be a hybrid version. The lower weight and more efficient engines will allow for this version to perform decently, offering even a 10-mile electric-only range.
We are sure the new model due for release in 2017 will be offered with the all new Land Rover wizardry such as the “transparent hood & trailer” camera systems, remote operation from your smart phone, rumours of a laser scanning system for pothole and terrain changes that sets the suspension automatically in 100ths of a second.
Hopefully a vastly improved entertainment system will be included, a common issue that all past Discovery’s have lacked.


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