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Spy-shots … final testing for the X-Class


Having seen the Mercedes X-Class in a pair of concepts last year, it’s really not that hard to imagine how the pointed star midsize pickup truck is going to look in its final version.

Here we have a few spy-shots of the truck out on final testing throughout Europe with some disguise, but allowing us to check out the headlights featuring an LED strip of day running lights in the same vein as most of the company’s models.

We can also catch a glimpse of the tail-lights, which although remain partially masked by the camouflage, we can see the clusters hold a thin line LED strip and are vastly different than any other truck on the market.x-class-merc

To set the two workhorses apart, Mercedes’ designers are doing their best to give the premium pickup truck its own styling, which is already visible on this test vehicle. The fact that the dashboard was also hidden under a black piece of cloth suggests the cabin is also going through some changes to differentiate the X-Class from its more humble origins of the Navarra platform.

The pickup truck’s side profile reveals the prototype rocked a pair of fuel caps on the rear arches, which can only mean one of the following three things; one of them is fake, the X-Class has dual fuel tanks for superior range, or it was a plug-in hybrid and the second cap was to conceal the charging port. That being said, it’s unlikely the prototype had an electrified powertrain since usually test vehicles fitted with a hybrid setup have yellow warning stickers. Not only that, but Mercedes’ hybrids usually have the second cap to fill up the battery on the rear bumper under the right taillight, not on the arch.





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