Spy-shots #2 The New Toyota Hilux for 2016 … Full body

We promised to keep you updated with any further developments on the new Toyota Hi-Lux planned for 2016. The last Spy-shots only gave us a glimps of the grill and tailboard, these shots are the first we know of with vehicle in its full glory, it seems Toyota are struggling to keep this new model quiet and under
Many changes are to the totally revamped front end, the face of the Hi-Lux gets a thorough makeover, ditching the mid-grille hump for a cleaner appearance. The grille slats flow straight into the LED headlights for a flowing design. Further down, a trapezoidal grille gives the Hi-Lux a little corporate DNA to tie it together with other Toyota products.
The rear is pretty basic, simple and dare we say a little dated, but I suppose there is only so much that can be done to a utility truck for practicality requirements.
However, the interior looks as good as any utility truck, giving the driver a fully-INT TOYOfeatured touch screen radio and climate/heating controls just below. A small binnacle is on top of the dash holding vents, clock and a Hazard light switch.
Four engines are expected to power the new Hi-Lux, ranging from 2.4 and 2.8ltr turbo diesels and a 2.7ltr naturally aspirated petrol engine. Other engines will possibly be offered as an option in the future.
No prices or release dates are available at this time.

 Image credits; from social media/google

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