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Spy Shot …. Jeep Wrangler … Pick-up

We reported recently that there were talks behind closed doors at the Jeep home camp of a possible pick up before the end of the decade.
Well … last week some roving auto journalists when out in the Moab desert looking for location shoots for the Jeep concepts revealed at the Easter Jeep fest, stumbled upon some very surprised and nervous tech guys with a … yes, you guest it, Jeep pick up prototype.
The boffins tooled up with note pads, ipads, test gear and 2 way radios pleaded for the journalists to leave and not to take photos or mention the occurrence … very suspicious.
The bottom line though … one of the chaps got the photo above from a camera concealed in his jacket, whilst his colleagues kept the tech guys busy.
You now know as much as us …. we will all have to wait for developments ahead

image; extreme off road

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