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are an excellent addition to your 4×4 not just to make them look the business but to allow you to wade through water without suffocating the engine and leaving you stuck midway. The idea is that you re-direct the air intake of your engine through the wing of your car and up the side of the windscreen so your engine can breath from the highest point possible and remove the chance of water intake.snorkel kit

A snorkel can also be used to assist your air filter from dust particle contamination by removing the air pick up point from within the engine compartment or wheel arch area, to high on the roof line of the vehicle where the air is much cleaner especially in dusty environments.

A snorkel kit can cost up to £420 but it’s not just a case of buying one and fitting it though, you need to insure you car engine is waterproof. Adding a snorkel to petrol engines can be complicated because of electronic ignition systems and spark plugs so these also need to be securely waterproofed so you don’t short out once your in the water. Modern vehicles will need to be checked due to the electrics in the engine management systems and again these areas need to be protected from water. Some modern vehicles also have air filter sensors which can be affected by slight air pressure changes caused by snorkels, it is advised to check your vehicle specifics before purchasing. Mechanical Diesel engines don’t have any electrical parts so these are generally the best for wading and the reason why they are favoured for military use. Putting a snorkel on your vehicle doesn’t make it an amphibian, your dashboard is full of electrics and your exhaust must be able to exhale your fumes so your wading is still limited to the height of your car.


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To reduce rain and dust from getting into your snorkel there are a variety of tops available. The standard right-angled cap that stops rain falling directly in, the mushroom cap that spins underneath and throws out the dust and water or an advanced angled top that can be rotated away from any direct threat and has holes in the neck to again expel the water or dust.

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