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Smart Solar Tonneau Covers … by TruXmart


TruXmart from across the pond over in Canada, have produced something that will revolutionise pickup covers and as of now brings the simple Tonneau cover into the 21st Century. The Tonneau has the ability to add solar panels capable of producing up to 440 watts of electric whilst you are out and about, or even parked up
Christened the Helios option, each single solar panel gives an estimated 110 watts of power and is designed to fit within a section of their Worksport rigid four piece folding cover which ingeniously stows away into the truck bed behind the cab, allowing a none restricted view from the rear window when not required.


The solar panels are covered in a flexi-glass compound to create a protective layer making for easy maintenance and servicing and worry free off-roading.


This could transform pick up adventurers lifestyles and wild camping trips enabling you to charge your phone, work on the laptop, watch TV, even run the fridge.


Innovators, TruXmart have recently expanded their product distribution into the Americas and we are hoping eventually into Europe once agents have been enlisted.



As the product is brand new, at the time of going to press, there is no further information available for the new Worksport covers or the solar panels. However, we did find this video to tease you with.


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