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Sitting Pretty … Seat heating or cooling … add on accessories

Ever wished your 4×4 had heated seats or air-conditioned seats? Well now courtesy of Weaco (Dometic), you can easily add your own seat covers to suit your comfort requirements with the Magic Comfort range.
The German manufacturer has been well known in the aftermarket industry for many years with vehicle heat buttonaccessories developed for boats, trucks and motorhomes. The heated seat inserts or seat covers have varying stages of heat settings which are simple to fit and come with all the components for a DIY installation.
For heating, three kits are available; two inserts and one over cover.
The two types of inserts are the MSH 601 with a two stage heat setting for pleasant constant and fast seat heat padheating, and the MSH 301 having uprated carbon elements with a three stage heating option from 10 to 70 watts. Both insert packs are fitted between the seat inner upholstery and cover, both to the base and backrest alike, neither kits change the shape of the seats once installed.
The third heating option is the MH 40, an external cushion cover that simply slips over the seat with a two heaterstage heat switch, this cover offers seat protection too. All the kits offer heat temperature guards for added safety.



car seat cooler

To go the other way, if cooling is your requirement the MCS 20 is what you need. Made froma breathable cotton polyester fabric the seat cover slips over the existing seat offering protection as the MH 40. The cover offers two cooling levels and operates with a gentle flow of cooled air passing through the backrest and seat base onto the occupant, air is drawn in via the fan inlet at the front of the seat base below the users leg position.


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