Side by Sides UTV’s are evolving into rockets !!!

Recently released to the markets are the latest breed of SxS buggies that resemble rocket sleds more than off road buggies. The battle continues between manufacturers to produce the fastest and best handling vehicles.
Polaris have shown us their 1000cc Turbo charged RZR XP which has a staggering 144 bhp, more than the standard Honda Civics on the road today.
We were recently at the Polaris British SxS Race Championships, see our highlights here.
Check out the Polaris RZR XP promo and spec video below;


Other big guns in the SxS market are Can-am, who have recently released their new top end motor the Maverick X, also turbo charged, but with slightly less horses than the Polaris at 131bhp, nonetheless still a small manned missile to be reckoned with.
Check out the Can-am promo video here;


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