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Shock Straps … by Fourby

We have all been there, trundling down the trail when you notice or hear something working loose from its securing straps. The proverbial pull over and re-securing process then ensues, well, that may now be a thing of the past.
A new wave in cargo straps is now available from to tie down your precious loads, it’s called the Shock Strap.


Designed with the off road adventurer in mind these straps uniquely stretch and flex, acting like a shockRed-ShockStrap absorber keeping tension on the strap to keep the load safe and securely tied down. The secret is in the rubber addition to the standard strapping system between the hook and tensioning   buckle.



When road vibrations cause loads to shift and settle, other tie downs can loosen and become unsafe. Under these conditions, the Shock Strap stretches acting like a shock absorber and contracts with the load keeping it secure. Even in extremely rough road conditions you won’t have to pull over to make sure that your tie down is secure. The strength of the product is in its ability to maintain constant pressure on the strap when hitting bumps or having side pressure applied to it.
Suitable for cargo control on 4x4s, trailers, roof racks, motorcycles, campervans, boats or inside garages. In fact, anywhere you need an easy and flexible tie down solution.


Shock Straps are available in two sizes 10ft and 6ft lengths, starting at £12.00
For more information on their product visit; Fourby Shock Strap



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