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Russia’s latest off road toys

Recently Russian “super hero” president Putin paid a visit to Russia’s Federal Security Service (the successor to the KGB), to check out its latest collection of armored vehicles to enter service.
That includes the monstrous and imposing ZiL Karatel, a red faced, snub nosed monster of a thing. While there­­­’s plenty of resemblance to the Batmobile, the Karatel’s nickname comes from another comic magazine called The Punisher. Capable of hauling ten fully kitted troops and fitted with a v-shaped hull to deal with mine explosions and IED’s.
The FSB has gone out of its way to keep the Punisher out of the public eye, but we reported on the truck last year, and now with such an official showing, that’s likely going to change.
According to Russia Today, Putin also inspected the Viking, an armored vehicle that’s kamaz extremeactually based on the Kamaz 4911 Extreme. This is basically a militarized Dakar Rally truck. The Kamaz Extreme buggy, which is roughly similar to a Polaris MRZR, also makes an appearance. Putin was accompanied by FSB boss Alexander Bortnikov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on his private tour.



You can see comrade  Putin checking out the vehicles in the video below. All pretty straightforward, but seeing the trucks alongside actual people gives a genuine sense of scale on how big these vehicles are.




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