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Room-Box …. instant vehicle to camper conversion

The Swiss have taken the principle of the Swiss knife and designed a range of boxes that convert a car into a camper; they’ve called them RoomBox’s. They drop into the back of the car or van then fold out or slot into various uses, no tools required. Like the knives they aren’t cheap but are clever but then a camper is not cheap or easy to store but these RoomBox’s can be lifted in and out at will so no need to compromise a vehicle to a single use. The boxes are made from a Kraft paper impregnated with a resin then hot compressed to produce a strong, durable material that is moisture roombox-campingand water resistant.
The RoomBox highTech is for the 4×4 adventurer, a complete version of four boxes that are hinged to pull out and expose a hob and a sink that can be used for dishes, faces or a shower. The base/ rear boxes container the fresh and waste water tanks, a water heater, fridge what ever you require. One end of a board is slotted into the boxes, add a pole and tah-dah a kitchen worktop or a table for dinning, all from the rear of the car. Re-configure and you have a single or double bed in the car.
roombox RoomBox easyTech is a two box system that again provides a table or kitchen area but once your done it converts into a bed in the car. The boxes can be used for storing all your camping equipment.
The Two Stars easyTech system includes a two-burner stove, water, sink, shower and a 12volt connection all cleverly popping out of the storage boxes.
The Three Star upgrade includes all of the Two Stars equipment with the addition of a Water heater and a 230 volt connection.
The RoomBox freeTech is a level single or double bed that fits into your car. Boards provide a kitchen work surface or adjust to a dining table. This has been designed to the size of a suitcase so it pops into the boot or an aeroplane hold.
The videos on the web site give a good visual example of how easy each system works if you don’t mind waiting between bikini-clad women, but this comes with the quality and reliability we expect from the Swiss.

For more information;  Roombox

Check out the video …



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