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Roof Tents … recommendations

Well finally the camping season is with us and if you are upgrading your portable home you may well be researching your options.
Here in a previous review  we conducted the configurations currently available, but if you have already narrowed down you search to look for a “roof top tent” here are a couple of options to consider that were recommended by our friends from Tuff-Trek overland equipment specialists for there durability, strength and quality. Both tents can be fitted to conventional LWB, SWB and even pickup body configurations.



First comes the Alu-Top Series tent.
Imported exclusively by Tuff-Trek from South Africa and made by the company responsible for the legendary Ostrich Wing Awnings, also supplied by Tuff-Trek.
Offering the solidity and security of a roof conversion but the convenience of a roof tent this model is made entirely of high-grade aluminium. Boasting a very low overall closed height the Alu-Top only adds 19cm to the height of your vehicle, making it ideal for long journeys where you need to maximise your fuel range. Strength is not compromised by price.
The simple gas ram opening system makes the tent useable in seconds, due to the bedding already placed for use.





Uniquely, this premium all alloy model is very reasonably priced @ £2,225


Second in line came the Adventure Series.
When Tuff-Trek wanted a glassfibre type tent option they turned to the best manufacturer in South Africa.hard-top-roof-tent
Their roof tent is legendary for its strength and durability. The HD glass fibre is UV resistant and laid down extra heavily to survive off road conditions.
Designed to open and close single handedly, with all your bedding left inside this model has faced all the rigours Africa can throw at it and it’s reputation for reliability and longevity is well deserved. This option is offered at a lower price than the aluminium shell variant but as mentioned offers similar strength.
The base of the unit is constructed using honeycomb technology to insulate against harsh weather conditions whilst the inside of the top is finished off with high quality felt. This gives a durable finish and reduces condensation.
The shell is designed for ample storage of bedding when closed and is secured with two lockable latches to keep out unwanted fingers. Again the tent opens in seconds, with 2 heavy duty Gas shocks fitted to assist in opening and closing the hard shell. The gas shocks are also lockable to prevent unwanted closure.
These large and spacious tents are designed with quality and outdoor comfort in mind, therefore only the best materials are used in manufacturing, including a genuine ripstop canvas.



Exclusive to Tuff-Trek priced @ £1885



So if any of these products tempt you, speak to the friendly guys at Tuff-Trek, for honest free advice on your requirements and fitting options. They have a wealth of knowledge and a vast range of products to suit your every need for camping, overlanding and adventure.





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