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Rolls Royce stepping into the dirt for new growth

In response to customer demand Rolls Royce have stated they are to develop a new “any terrain” vehicle, or as we know it an SUV.
This new direction has been taken after parent company BMWrolls-royce-suv has announced that it is to build an X7 with three rows of seating in direct competition with rivals Jaguar and Bentley who recently announced the same.
At present the hottest segment of the motoring market is the SUV section and Rolls Royce could do with a slice of the cake as sales last year peaked at only at 4,063 units, although this is up on previous years, more growth is needed for the luxury manufacturer.
The company has clearly had to expand its range due to market changes from the ‘big limo” image it has historically had. Markets that are appealing to the manufacturer are the developing economy countries such as China, Russia and India where the road infrastructure is not quite so smooth as here in the west and a higher ground clearance has shown to be a request from customers there.
(We think some UK pot holed roads will act as good test tracks)
The new Rolls SUV is rumoured to be heading to the market in around three years time and will be built at the Goodwood factory here in the UK.
Prices as yet have not been mentioned, but I’m sure we all agree, it will be eye watering to us mere mortal 4x4ers.

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